How to make a beaded dolphin keychain

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The character of today's subject is known to you, in particular, with the inauguration of a dolphinarium in Chisinau. Considered the most intelligent animal on Earth, the dolphin is a symbol of fortune in many cultures, including the ancient traditions of Greece, Egypt and Rome. If you love the ocean, if you like this wonderful creature, then we invite you to make a dolphin keychain. What do you think? Do you want to keep your keys in a simple, elegant navy-themed keychain?

Below you can find a diagram in which it is presented in the smallest details how to accomplish the key. The scheme is explicit, but we will make some rebrands.


Start Braide from the nose. For this you need a silver wire of modeling about 70 cm, beads (biser) of two colors and a black bead for the eyes. On the wire you put two beads first in the middle, then interwoven parallel. This way you create the entire body of the dolphin, all 20 rows (the upper boxes indicate the row number). After you weave the second row you start building the tail.

The Fins (wings) are intertwined on a separating wire with a length of about 25 cm. Find the middle and start to make the top swimmer, using the Deamenea parallel braided technique.

After you have completely made the dolphin, you add a ring with a chain for the keychain, and here's the result-a nice and useful object!

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