Why on the site are 2 prices?

  1. The lower price includes only embroidery
  2. The higher price includes embroidery, beads, very thin needle with elongated ear specially for beaded embroidery, thread (thread) "Madeira bobbins". This is a very thin and sturdy thread.

What is the difference between biser and beads?

  1. There's no difference!
  2. Biser is a Russian word, which we have taken and transformed into Moldovan word
  3. There is no word in the Romanian dictionary.
  4.  Beads, is the correct word used for these marbles, called in English beads. Beads, according to the Romanian dictionary, means: mărgeá,-íthat, beads, F. 1. (small) glass, stone, etc., of different shapes and colours (strung on thread, sewn on a garment, etc.), used as adornment; (To pl.) The string consists of such objects. 2. (To pl.) Skin protrusions on the head and neck of the turkey. 3. (In mărgic form) The name given to several herbaceous plants in the family of grams, with small flowers, arranged one or two at the top of some spicular (Melica). –from lat. Margella. –mărgic: With change of Suf.
    (Explanatory Dictionary of the Romanian language) Marg//Eá ~ Éle F. 1) especially to Pl. Each of the grains of stone, glass, dill or wood, of different shapes and colors, used as adornment (in strings, sewn on clothing, etc.). 2) to Pl. Skin protrusions on the head and neck of the turkey. [Art. mărgeaua; G.-D. mărgelei; Var. mărgică] /< Lat. Margella
    (The new Explanatory Dictionary of the Romanian Language) Margeá (mărgéle), fiction –glass Bean, bead. –mr., Mell. Mădzeaua. Lat. Margĕlla (Densusianu, HLR., 200; Pucariu 1029; Cañete-dense., 1029; Cañete-dense., 1052; Rew 5353; Cf. Rosetti, I, 69 and II, 68). Less probable der. of Gr. Μαργέλλιον (Cihac, II, 673) or μάργαρον(Rohlfs, Ewug, 1330). Der. MĂRGIIC, fiction (Glass bobite; plant, Melica nutans; carving, trench for assembling the wood of a fold); Mărgeluches, fiction (Margea; plant, Lichospermum arvense); Mărgelat, adj. (bedecked with beads); bead, adj. (Sheep with corous excrescences on the neck); Mărgelare, fiction (merge, Ditch).
    (Romanian Etymological Dictionary) mărgeá/mărgíthat S. F., art. Mărgeáua/Mărgíca, G.-D. Article. Mărgélei; Pl. Mărgéle
    (English spelling dictionary)
  1. Do you deliver?
    1. Yes, we do.
    2. In the radius of Chisinau, we deliver at home. Order greater than 400 lei is free, order less than 400 lei, delivery 25 lei. They pay the courier.
    3. In the remainder the territory of the Republic of Moldova, the delivery is made by Moldovan mail. You receive the parcel in the mail, based on a notice. Pay at the Post office when you receive the package.  Delivery of more than 500 lei, is free of charge (exception to delivery of the branches, is payable regardless of the cost of the order). Lower order of 500 lei, delivery will be 30 lei
    4. Throughout Romania, delivery will be made by courier Fan. Price 25 Ron
    5. Otherwise, any other country or continent, we deliver by mail to Moldova at Tarifelede below:


Online embroiders

  1. How long before the delivery?
    1. In Chişinău 2-3 days
    2. On the territory of Moldova and Romania 7 days
    3. Other destinations, according to the terms of the purse (usually 3 weeks)
  2. What does passe-partout mean and what do we use it for?
    1. Passe-The colorful partout is a kind of trick: it is about applying a cardboard contour between the paper and the frame. Traditionally, its purpose is to remove the picture or photograph without attracting the gaze.
  3. What is the price of the Baghetei and how is the price of the stay calculated?
    1. The price of the Baghetei only includes its price. For the production of the frame there is no nails, clamps, glass, the back of the card, Meşter. All these expenses include proportional in the price of the ramie, on the basis of a special programme. Calculation of the price of the frame is done electronically.